Kickstarter Day 4 Update

Copied from our Kickstarter Page


Hi Freckers,

Thanks so much for your interest and support. Special thank you to all the backers who are helping make FRECK YOURSELF available for everyone! Again, if we don’t raise the full $215k we won’t be able to product (25,000 units is the minimum order we can place, which adds up quickly!). So please share & like & love & post & proclaim your Frecks Love from the top of every vertical massing from the Space Needle to Big Ben!! (Shout out to the United Kingdom backers, we seeeeee youuuuuu).

Some very exciting press updates can be found on our website & blog:

Thank you to Cosmopolitan, MTV, Teen Vogue, Hello Giggles, Elite Daily & Bustle for featuring our project! We love you.

Happy Frecking, XX Remi + Team


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