Notes from the Other Side


Hi Freckers!

Where to begin? Thanks so much for an amazing unbelievable Kickstarter campaign. The amount of support we saw from likeminded babes (& bad boys) embracing and accentuating their perfect imperfections is beyond what we ever could have hoped for. To everyone who messaged me with words of encouragement and excitement, you’ll never know how much it means.

As you may have noticed, your pledge to our Kickstarter campaign was refunded, because we did not meet our goal. While this is not ideal, it was expected. $215k is a huge crowdfunding goal! Freck Yourself is very much alive and kicking, with big plans for 2016! **pinkypromise**

Stay tuned on our instagram (@freckyourself) for updates on how to buy the product. And join our mailing list on the website homepage. We frecking love you.

xo, Remi + team


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