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“Not Born With Freckles? You Can Now DIY Them Using Makeup”

Kaitlin Reilly | 15 Nov 2015

If you’ve ever coveted Emma Stone‘s cute freckles, you’re in luck: a new makeup company is making DIY freckles a possibility.
The makeup company behind the cheekily-named freckle-making product Freck Yourself has recently launched a Kickstarter in order to bring natural looking freckles to the public. The Freck Yourself kit comes with stencils and a rollerball applicator, which you simply draw on over the stencil to reveal your new look. It’s definitely a lot easier than individually drawing on spots, and the special formula promises to stay smudge-free for 48 hours.

For creator Remi Brexton, Freck Yourself is a serious passion project: she has always admired freckles on other people and considers them the mark of “wild adventurers” and “unapologetic natural beauty.” The new product may not be able to give you “natural” freckles, but they certainly give off the look of sun-kissed skin.

I’m totally onboard with Remi’s vision for Freck Yourself. We don’t see enough women with freckles in the pages of our magazines or on the runway, and while these freckles may be a makeup design, it still reinforces the idea that freckles are gorgeous. It also may encourage those of us who do adore our freckles to stay out of the sun in order to acquire more: we don’t have to give up cute spots when we protect our skin.

So far the Kickstarter has not been entirely funded, but if all goes well, the first round of Freck Yourself kits could roll out as early as February. Donate here if you’re all about that speck life.


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