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“Temporary Freckles Are Going To Be The Next Great Beauty Trend”

Monika Markovinovic | 13 November 2015

Come winter, we say goodbye to our faded sunkissed skin that we’ve cherished all summer long. Those cute freckles you’ve developed on your nose and cheekbones? Gone.

Until now…

Guys, get ready for temporary freckles.

A Kickstarter campaign, posted by Remi Brixton, has hit the internet to raise money for a new faux freckle kit, Freck Yourself. The Los Angeles-based company says, “Freck Youself lets you apply realistic, semi-permanent freckles using our stencil + formula method.” Patterning up with Cosmetix West, a cosmetic manufacturer that works closely with GlamGlow and Philosophy, Freck Yourself has been working on the semi-permanent creation for the past year and now they’re ready to gift the world with those cute little beauty marks we’ve all been after.

The kit, which comes with 72 self-adhesive stencils and a rollerball formula that is similar in formulation to sunless tanner, allows users to apply several layers of faded freckles onto the skin. The natural pattern doesn’t smudge and lasts two days, but if applied every morning, can appear for four to six weeks.

Here’s the lowdown on the application:






Want the kit? You’ll have to pledge a minimum of $28 to get the temporary freckles, which are set to shipped out to supporters come February.

So as your boyfriend rocks his new temporary man bun, you can apply those faux freckles. So much innovation in the beauty world as of late!


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