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Floor Gijsbertse | 12 Nov 2015

(Translated from Dutch)


Have you always dreamed of a snoot full of freckles? Then comes the brand new Kickstarter Project FRECK YOURSELF with a very big surprise: semi-permanent adhesive freckles.

In elementary school you always have one girl or boy in the class with a face full of freckles envious. And in the fashion world, the brown spots seem lately to have a large fan base. But if you do not have freckles itself remains a dream. It plays the kickstarter label Freck Yourself in handy.

Nepsproeten are already known -especially in negative form, but nepsproeten actually on the real-life versions seem we do not know. “There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful skin with freckles fresh. For me, freckles tags rebellious dreamers, adventurers and the wild natural beauty, “argues Remi Brixton, the creator of Freck Yourself on Kickstarter.



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