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“Fake A Face of Freckles With The Kickstarter Project ‘Freck Yourself'”

Julianne Adams | 10 Nov 2015

mgid-uma-image-mtv“For those of you who received taunts as a little kid for your freckles, looks like you’re getting the last laugh.

Created by Remi Brixton, Freck Yourself is a semi-permanent method for creating realistic freckles. Seriously.

The product, which has a lofty goal of $250,000 on Kickstarter, is simple enough to use. You apply a stencil to where you’d like your faux freckles, then use a roll-on applicator to give yourself a freckled look that will last two days.

Brixton said that, to her, freckles are “the mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventures and unapologetic natural beauty.”

To me, freckles are more the mark of that time I went on vacation and didn’t wear sunscreen, but freckles can be cute, there’s no denying.

Temporary freckles would be nice during the winter months when you’re not getting as much sun. Toss on some bronzer, apply a few freckles and maybe you can pretend you were just on vacation!”


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