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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2015


“Fashion’s Freckle Fetish Goes Mainstream; New Freckle Makeup Gives Wearers Realistic Freckles for Days”


LOS ANGELES, CA, November 10, 2015 – As fashion magazines and beauty blogs gush over freckles seen on runway models and celebrities, the spots once carefully concealed with makeup have now gone from covered to coveted. A cosmetic freckle product launching today on Kickstarter dons wearers with realistic freckles that last for days, and grants the wishes of the 15% of U.S. women aged 18 – 44 who say they want freckles, according to Freck Yourself’s ongoing consumer surveys.


Although Freck Yourself founder, Remi Brixton, declares her own lifelong personal obsession with freckles, their recent popularity in mainstream culture inspired her to create the cosmetic product. “It was clear that freckles weren’t just having ‘a moment,’ in the fashion world,” said Brixton. “Of the 15% of women we polled who said they wanted freckles, half of them wouldn’t even name a price they’d be willing pay–they simply said they’d ‘do anything to have freckles’.”


Freck Yourself uses a patented formula & self-adhesive stencil application method. Freck Yourself’s proprietary formula, akin to sunless tanning formulas, safely reacts with amino acids in the skin to produce a temporary tint that fades naturally over time. Users who apply Freck Yourself daily have several layers of faded freckles, which gives incredibly realistic results that last four to six weeks when applied every morning.


The product premiers on Kickstarter today, and backers will receive the first round of Freck Yourself product, amongst other gifts (koozies, glow in the dark enamel lapel pins, acrylic script necklaces, freck parties), if the campaign meets its goal.




Freck Yourself is the first semi-permanent freckle cosmetic product, made with love in Los Angeles, California. For more information, contact Remi Brixton at or visit


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