Incredible Looking Humans

Incredible Looking Humans

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“Is Freckle Stenciling The Next Big Beauty Trend?” Ashley Monaé | 22 Nov 2015 Beauty trends are truly ever-evolving. From drawing tiny black dots on your face to mimic Cindy


“Shannon Coffey Talks Freck Yourself + More Of The Weeks Hottest Trends” Shannon Coffey | 20 Nov 2015 Fellow freckle-faced cuties, rejoice! Freckles are being celebrated like never before via

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“Temporary Freckles May Be The Next Big Thing In Beauty” Lynn Butler | 18 Nov 2015 Always wanted to have freckles like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid? Then you may

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“Here’s How You Can Fake Natural Looking Freckles” Kelly Bryant | 16 Nov 2015 Creating freckles with makeup isn’t as easy as it sounds. Dotted eyeliner never quite stays put


“Fake Freckles Are Trying To Take Over The Internet And Here’s What You Need To Know” Kimberly Ricci | 17 Nov 2015 If you’ve ever wanted to capture the beachy,

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“We Can Now Give Ourselves Freckles Because We Are Masters of Our Destiny” Joanna Rothkopf | 16 Nov 2015 When I learned about Freck Yourself, a Kickstarter-funded beauty product which

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“This Woman Is Trying To Make Freckles The Next Big Beauty Trend: Suck It Genetics” Chrissy Mahlmeister | 16 Nov 2015 If you’ve ever wanted temporary, natural-looking freckles, look no

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“Despite Being Told Freckles Her Entire Life, She’s Launching A Makeup Product To Make Temporary Freckles A Thing: Build A Life, Don’t Live One” Danute Rasimaviciute | 16 Nov 2015