Notes from the Other Side

Notes from the Other Side

  Hi Freckers! Where to begin? Thanks so much for an amazing unbelievable Kickstarter campaign. The amount of support we saw from likeminded babes (& bad boys) embracing and accentuating


“Shannon Coffey Talks Freck Yourself + More Of The Weeks Hottest Trends” Shannon Coffey | 20 Nov 2015 Fellow freckle-faced cuties, rejoice! Freckles are being celebrated like never before via

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“Freck Yourself: DIY Freckles Without The Smudging” Sian Ranscombe | 16 Nov 2015 While it is a basic fact of life that we humans will never appreciate what we have,

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“Now You Can Apply Freckles Like Temporary Tattoos” Elizabeth Denton | 13 Nov 2015 If you’re ever been jealous of your bestie’s freckles, or you know, Demi Lovato’s, ​now’s your chance

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“This Cool Innovation Allows You To Rock Temporary Freckles For 48 Hours” Emily Orofino | 13 Nov 2015   When I was in elementary school, there were three beauty attributes

Kickstarter Day 4 Update

Copied from our Kickstarter Page * Hi Freckers, Thanks so much for your interest and support. Special thank you to all the backers who are helping make FRECK YOURSELF available

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“This New Kickstarter Is On A Mission To Make Freckles Available For Everyone” Joseph Lamour | 11Nov2015 “Have you ever wanted to have freckles? A new Kickstarter wants to help